Singapore – The Lion City

Inhabited by the Malays, Indians & Chinese, Singapore is a rich cultural hotbed, which can easily be termed as mini-Asia, pulsing with impeccable beauty and richness. Singapore was a colony controlled by the British, but it soon emerged to be one of the leading business centers of the world, with its progress rate exceeding the aggregate progress exhibited by the world trade. Singapore is visited by many since it has less strict & specific entry requirements. Easy access, coupled with great hospitality, excellent sightseeing locations, warm tropical climate and world-class amenities make Singapore a top choice destination to hop in any time of the year.




This chunk of Singapore is exclusively dedicated to catering to the entertainment needs of the region for incoming tourists. Highlights are the golf course, theme parks & well-maintained beaches.

Night Safari

This unique zoo opens up by the night and brings you face to face with colorfully exotic animals that were shipped from all over the globe who now stay here.

Gardens by the Bay

These artificial trees are an architectural marvel, that light up by the night to present a visual wonder. It was crowned the World Building of the Year in 2012.

Universal Studios

This theme park has dedicated avenues dedicated to globally hit movies which have earned a raging fandom worldwide. It truly is a one of a kind theme park.

Singapore Flyer

Easily spotted from the main avenue, it is an important landmark. Singapore is the world’s biggest Ferris Wheel, that offers great aerial views of the region.

China Town

The perfect location to indulge in some souvenir shopping, China Town offers you some of the most exotic antiques crafted by the most seasoned craftsmen of Singapore.


Singapore is a Sanskrit word that means the "Lion City". Legend has it that Prince Sang Nila Utama passed by this island and spotted a creature that resembled a lion. He named this newfound island as Singapuria, which means the Lion City. However, to this date, there was no evidence found of lions inhabiting this island whatsoever, except the Merlion, which was built as a half lion and half mermaid.


Nearest Airport – Changi Airport

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