Hong Kong

Hong Kong – Pearl of the Orient / Fragrant Harbor

Hong Kong is an autonomous territory, which was a sparsely populated local fishing hub in the initial days. Presently, it is the fourth most densely populated region in the world, inhabited by locals from all the walks of life, making Hong Kong pulsing multi-ethnic destination. Having undergone its days as a British colony, it offers a unique blend of British and Chinese elements in its ambiance, coupled with endless options for recreation, shopping, rejuvenation, and refreshment. Hong Kong features the densest population of skyscrapers that make up a breathtaking skyline, with buildings as high as half a kilometer. Despite being one of the most progressive economies of the world, you will also get a taste of the old world charm through its streets, with Feng Shui practices and widespread superstitions that will amuse you to the core.

Hong Kong


Vicotria Peak

This iconic landmark of Hong Kong is the Victoria Peak, which commands a sweeping view of the Hong Kong skyline, which is equally impressive by the day as it is by the night.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Located in Kowloon, it is dedicated to the god of good luck and prosperous health, Wong Tai Sin. It exhibits great architectural finesse & is a perfect location to capture photos.

Avenue of Stars

This exhibition center of sorts is dedicated to some of the most notable film stars and personalities like Bruce Lee. The highlight is the Symphony of Lights, a colorful water fountain art show.

Ocean Park

A larger than life aquarium dome, Ocean Park is home to more than 400 aquatic species like manta rays, clown fishes and more. You can also scuba dive into a tank full of starfishes and corals.

Big Buddha

Locally known as the Tian Tan Buddha Statue, it sits on top of the PO Lin Monastery and took 12 years to complete. It is nearly 34 meter high, making it one of the tallest statues of Buddha ever created.

Tim Ho Wan

It is the cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant in the world, and is worth the visit. Try on some traditional dim sums, pork buns, turnip cakes or shrimp noodles that are sure to blow your mind.


Hong Kong has come a long way from being a colonized economy to becoming home to one of the largest number of billionaires. In the year 20116, Hong Kong was ranked to be fourth in the list of countries inhabiting the highest number of billionaires, with more than sixty residents holding personal assets more than worth 1 Billion USD & over.


Nearest Airport – Hong Kong International Airport

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