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Dooars is an extensive floodplain that sits beneath the Himalayan foothills as they gentle down to flat surfaces. Major Himalayan Rivers like Brahmaputra, Dyna, Kaljani, Raidak, Manas and Sankosh deposit their fertile sediments in Dooars, making it an extremely productive region. Hence, tea plantation is practiced here in abundance. However, you will also run into numerous indigenous tribes who practice shifting agriculture and worship the forest spirits and deities. Dooars is home to nearly six nationally reserved biosphere reserves that are considered to be crucial ecological hotbeds housing a vast number of Himalayan floral & faunal members.



Tsomgo LakeGorumara National Park

Established in the year 1941, this 216.51 sq. kilometer vast area houses the famous One Horned Rhinoceros. You can catch a glimpse of them here in their natural habitat.

Buxa Tiger Reserve

This reserve shelters the densest population of the Royal Bengal Tigers after the Sunderbans. Daytime safari inside this reserve amidst the striped beasts is always thrilling.

Coronation Bridge

This arched beauty stands tall on top of the Teesta, conjoining two hills in Sevoke. This is where the domain of Siliguri meets with Dooars over a scenic crossover.


This offbeat sojourn is famous for its fragrant orchards of orange and cardamom. The gardens are flanked by gurgling creeks and skirting forests that thrive amidst tranquil.


This location is seated amidst cool lush greenery, and houses some of the best private resorts that offer you a taste of luxurious privacy amidst the Himalayan domain.

Chapramari Wildlife Reserve

Home to some of the most exotic wild beasts like the elephants, alligators, tigers, leopards, hornbills, blue fairy birds, yellow martens and much more.


Dooars is home to the aboriginal tribe Toto, which is exclusively found only in Dooars and nowhere else in the world. Their origin and culture do not draw any similarity from any of the neighboring tribes like the Rajbonshis, Mech, Rava, Bodo, Bhutia, Lepcha and Nepali communities. This makes them an entirely unique group of people who need to be protected from their endangered status. When you are in Dooars, visiting their village and knowing their culture is a must.


Nearest Railway Station – New Jalpaiguri Railway Station

Nearest Airport – Bagdogra Airport

Nearest Vehicle Stand – Siliguri Junction

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