Bhutan - The Last Shangri La

Bhutan is perhaps the last Buddhist kingdom in the world, which is both culturally & aesthetically rich, making up for an excellent tourist destination. The nation emanates an ambiance of serenity & peace - its chortens (commemorative monuments) dotting the landscape, fluttering prayer flags, prayer wheels turned by the swift water of mountain streams, the monasteries, everything adds to the tranquil charm of the Shangri La. Buddhism is everywhere - determining attitudes, molding thoughts. Red-robed monks, high lamas, the religious men in a village; everybody is aware of their moral and spiritual influence on the population. Their importance is underlined further by the fact that Bhutan is the only country in the world where the Tantric form of Mahayana Buddhism is the official state religion.



Tiger's Nest

Trek up to this ancient monastery that hangs 900 meters above the sea level, glued to a cliff. This architectural marvel has baffled & challenged the onlookers since times immemorial.

Punakha Dzong

Known as the "Place of Great Bliss", this six-story high dzong is the official seat of administration used by the Government of Bhutan. It houses the relics of ancient Drukpa lineage.


The capital of Bhutan is a perfect place to witness the amalgamation of the ancient oriental heritage of Bhutan with the newly arriving elements of modernization. It is a beautiful place to be in.

Buddha Dordenma

A fifty-one-meter tall golden statue of Buddha in his Sakyamuni avatar welcomes you to the valley of Thimphu, and reminds you of the grandness & serenity of Bhutan the moment you step in.


This beautiful southern valley of Bhutan is home to some of the rare aboriginal native tribes. Walk in here during the eventful Haa Summer Festival to watch them perform in all their native glory.

Dochu La Pass

Commanding excellent views of the world’s highest unclimbed mountain, Mt.Gangkhar Peunsum. Also, watch out for 108 holy chortens erected by the Queen Mother.


Bhutanese handicrafts differ from those of other Asain countries in two respects: they are not oriented to the tourist market and is not designed or produced to be extensively sold as souvenirs. They are manufactured, embroidered and woven for regular wear, thereby remaining authentic, and they are relatively expensive. Bargaining is not a custom in Bhutan so you cannot hope to get more than ten percent reduction. Today, however, small souvenirs made of traditional materials are produced for the travelers that don't burn a hole in your pocket and are easy fits inside your snapback.


Nearest Railway Station – New Jalpaiguri Railway Station

Nearest Airport – Paro International Airport

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